VueJS and Quasar Framework Join the AIRLIFT Team


One reason I enjoy working at cloudPWR is because I learn something new every day. Whether related to government processes, programming, or sales – I thrive here because I’m always challenged, and am always given opportunities for growth.

This time, the challenge was to learn an entirely new progressive framework used for rapid development of user interfaces – Vue (pronounced like “view”). Concurrently, I have also been learning the front-end framework, Quasar, which, while being heavily mobile-centric, includes a wide array of features that nicely scale up to desktop views.

In the heart of Vue is the component, which is a reusable and customizable ‘piece’ of the overall UI. For example, a table, navigation bar, and button group could all be considered their own components. The idea is that these pieces can be written and configured to be used anywhere in the app they are needed, which greatly minimizes redundant code while developing.

I’ve been tasked with creating the component library that will eventually be used for all AIRLIFT apps. On Tuesday this week, Quasar v. 0.15.1 was released, and with vast improvements. Although the latest version included a new project directory structure, migrating the components I’d already created on Quasar 0.14.9 took little time, and the new changes have been welcome.

Once the library is complete and we’ve integrated the components into AIRLIFT, app development will be more streamlined and easily maintained. Be on the lookout for improvements in the UI and overall functionality.

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