Digital transformation can come in different forms. You might know it as Business Process Automation, IT modernization, migration to the cloud. Ultimately however you’ve come to know digital transformation, it’s an effort to securely modernize, streamline, and power technology-enabled automation to drive significant outcomes and far greater efficiencies for state, county and city agencies. For many, this catchphrase brings needed attention for those writing budgets and is consistently on the wish list for government CISOs.

There’s good reason digital transformation increasingly demands our attention. Traditionally digital transformation was the domain of the IT crowd, but now as the pandemic continues (and promises lasting impacts on how government agencies serve the public), eRepublic reports that, public health, contact tracing and vaccine tracking will also emerge as top case management and digital transformation use cases in 2021.  

Here are three key takeaways you can expect as significant benefits of your digital transformation. 

  1. Decrease errors and security breaches 
    a. TIP: Mistakes matter, not just to customer experience but they also may trigger statutory fines or potential legal liability. Streamlining and automating repetitive tasks reduces data-entry errors and increases productivity.
    b. TIP: Legacy, on-promise hardware is history. Ensure solutions are cloud-based and security meets or exceeds the strictest requirements.
    c. TIP: Software solutions that you’ve relied on for years should be prioritized for modernization. The use of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) as an example.
  2. Save time and money
    a. TIP: Workflow and case management platforms should offer an intuitive "drag and drop" framework that can be quickly configured by the user for all types of business processes creating a quick and custom experience  to maximize the efficiency and productivity of each user.
  3. Increase service quality
    a. TIP: The combination of decreased errors, faster turnaround on projects, and business process automation increases the speed and quality of the case management efforts. More efficient workflow means less employee burnout.