The days of peeking your head over the divider and asking about the latest Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request have now long faded into the past. Now the government workspace, never lacking for process, has additional steps to achieve once-simple tasks like asking a coworker a question. I spoke with technology news site GeekWire about how I avoid burnout late last year as an exercise in communication and personal commitment. But there’s a whole systems approach to ensure your government agency at large has the tools it needs to keep focused on the work of the people--whether that work is taking place in an agency office or from employees’ home offices.  

Here are 4 tips to consider to avoid government employee burnout: 

  1. Software Should Be a Solution Not the Problem 
    a. TIP: The case management software you choose should streamline and automate repetitive tasks and offer intuitive workflows such as a “drag and drop” framework.
    b. TIP: The software should be simple, secure and cost-effective to implement, without causing a strain on already taxed internal IT staff.
  2. Enable Self-Sufficiency
    a. TIP: Software which provides a flexible framework enables customization, so each user thrives using their unique workflow.
  3. Prioritize Mission-Critical Technology
    a. TIP: Avoiding the New-Shiny-Object-Syndrome is more important than ever before, as prioritization of critical technologies leads to less downtime, higher job satisfaction and fewer cases of burnout.
  4. Recognition
    a. TIP: Making the effort to acknowledge when employees are meeting and exceeding expectations is more important than ever. Let them know you care and understand the value they bring to the organization.