When choosing a software solution for Public Records Management it’s important to plan for the future. We work in an era marked by a rapidly changing workforce and consumer driven technology experiences. Software is expected to be intuitive, affordable, and intrinsically adaptable to change. Software that will continue to evolve with your requirements, without the time and costs associated with expensive upgrade cycles.

Following the initial launch of Respond, and during the months of September to October, I drove to each corner of Washington State. From Pacific to Pend Oreille, from Asotin to Clallam, including many cities and special districts in between. What I discovered, was that many agencies were aware of only a couple of options in the marketplace. This is understandable given the niche nature of the Public Records Act and the risk avoidance that naturally leads to following the herd.

We have compiled the following considerations that are key tenets of AIRLIFT. They illuminate the considerations and attention our customers can expect going forward. We are proud to have built a local solution that meets all the requirements of RCW 42.56 – one that is not just affordable but built, by design, to adapt to the inevitable changes and refinements in legislation, policy and case law.

Reason #1 – Simplicity

Intuitive interfaces designed for ease of use. This means you will be able to start using the software immediately and without extensive training.

Reason #2 – Security

Professional third-party penetration testing is performed regularly for cybersecurity validation.  Organization wide operational controls for development, security, procedures, and privacy practices have been certified independently to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Reason #3 – Agility

Technology is evolving at an ever-accelerating pace. Traditional software development and business operations have given way to Lean and Agile models that deliver higher value. The nature of modern software development is iterative, and companies that practice this are inherently able to be more responsive to customer requirements.

Reason #4 – Automation

Natural Language Processing provides a capability and feature set not found in other solutions. Any logged incoming requests, communication, activities and potential exemptions can be identified and tagged automatically.

Reason #5 – Content Management

Sharing content securely, tracking access, managing disposition, and legal review are just a few of the features we provide by leveraging the Box Platform. We currently support 75 agencies and, in many cases, these agencies are already using Box for fulfillment of public records requests.