City of Vancouver

The City of Vancouver’s journey towards adopting the use of electronic signatures began in August 2014 with a handful of DocuSign licenses and a vision to transform the approval and workflow processes associated with the legal signing of documents. An important consideration that took some time was providing the legal authority under city ordinance to give elected officials, administration, and staff the authority to use electronic signatures to conduct city business.

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Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

In November of 2012 the voters of the State of Washington approved initiative 502 to legalize growing and selling cannabis for recreational use. The Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) was given the job of managing the expected onslaught of applications. WSLCB had to have a system for accepting and managing applications that could be implemented quickly with minimal risk.

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Everett Community College

Student services provides the entire spectrum of application, financial aid, housing, transcript requests, and many other transactionally oriented forms used to collect process information. Everett Community College has greatly improved the process for students and reduced the processing time associated with document handling and key data entry.

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WA State Makes It Easy For Agencies To Acquire Box

Did you know that Washington city, county and state government agencies can receive inexpensive secure cloud storage under WA State Master Contract 04913?

What does this mean?

Any Washington government agency with a Master Contract Usage Agreement (MCUA) can purchase Box secure cloud storage at roughly a third of standard pricing. At this time there are nearly 1,400 WA agencies that have already signed an MCUA with the WA State Department of Enterprise Services, allowing them to utilize Washington State master contracts. Read More

This little powerhouse, the Canon DR-M260

I’m someone who had always had such poor experience with scanners in the past that my preferred form of memorializing documents had become photographing them with my phone. So much so that I even went as far as to cut some pieces of polarizing film to cross-polarize my phone’s flash and camera (this reduces the flash glare you get from a white document page). Read More

Release Notes 12/04/2017

This release contains enhancements for AIRLIFT Connect and other improvements.

  • Improvement: You are now able to send ad hoc envelopes using DocuSign without having to use a pre-configured template.
  • Improvement: For Connect endpoints you can now specify a Kofax batch file to be created for your documents.
  • Improvement: Updated favicon.

Introducing AIRLIFT Track

It was my turn to make something awesome.

Earlier this year I got my feet wet by working on the Person-centered Planning Guide for the Arc of Washington, as well as dabbling a bit in cloudPWR’s latest product, Respond. Working on these projects with the guidance of our development team was an opportunity that really propelled my skills in not only working with the AIRLIFT platform, but also as an aspiring senior developer. Read More

Tacoma Pierce County Bar Association

We are excited to participate at the TPCBA annual year-end potpourri. Our topic will be focused on FOIA & Public Records Request Management and is eligible for CLE (continuing legal education) credits. Specifically we will discuss the following key areas after the recent passage of ESHB 1594/1595. Read More

Canon Image Formula DR-C225 & Box

This is a nice piece of hardware that takes up very little space on the desktop, but the real power is in its simplicity. There are only 2 buttons – one for power and the other a programmable button for one-touch scanning.

I set this up on a Mac Mini so there is no CD ROM drive, but the software can easily be downloaded with a quick visit to the Canon support site by simply entering the model number to locate the file. After installing the software and then powering up the device I was ready to scan with a handy icon on the taskbar to open the CaptureOnTouch scanning client. Read More

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