Release Notes 04/02/2018

This release contains a bug fix for Connect.

  • Bugfix: An error in the default Connect create screen prevented selecting a form to send. Accounts using custom envelope creation were not affected.

Release Notes 03/19/2017

This release has an enhancement for AIRLIFT Register custom pages. You can now use JavaScript Service Workers to perform event driven tasks in your application.

  • Improvement: User management via the API. User management tasks can now be completed via the API. This allows for more streamlined interfaces for user management in Respond and other use case specific applications.
  • Bugfix: Some Box API calls failed due to being “chunk” encoded.

Quick Box Tip – Using Box Web Embed

Did you know you can use Box to display important documents for your constituents right on your website and easily manage them without needing to contact your webmaster every time a PDF gets updated? Read More

Release Notes 03/12/2018

This release has an enhancement for AIRLIFT Register custom pages. You can now use JavaScript Service Workers to perform event driven tasks in your application.

  • Improvement: AIRLIFT Register custom pages can now use Service Workers to provide event driven functionality.

Release Notes 03/05/2018

This release contains bugfixes and other improvements.

  • Bugfix: When sending an ad hoc DocuSign Envelope the completed Envelope would not be fully processed and sent to the connected endpoint.
  • Bugfix: Some API query operators were not behaving as expected.
  • Security improvements and updates.

Why use the Cloud?

Government buyers have more choices than ever before when procuring technology solutions, from on-premises solutions to Software as a Service cloud-based solutions. Finding the right product that will meet the security, productivity, and flexibility requirements of government is critical to meet the needs of your citizens. AIRLIFT is a Software as a Service platform for delivering Government to Citizen (G2C) and Government to Government (G2G) applications using a true cloud-based infrastructure. Read More

VueJS and Quasar Framework Join the AIRLIFT Team


One reason I enjoy working at cloudPWR is because I learn something new every day. Whether related to government processes, programming, or sales – I thrive here because I’m always challenged, and am always given opportunities for growth.

This time, the challenge was to learn an entirely new progressive framework used for rapid development of user interfaces – Vue (pronounced like “view”). Concurrently, I have also been learning the front-end framework, Quasar, which, while being heavily mobile-centric, includes a wide array of features that nicely scale up to desktop views.

In the heart of Vue is the component, which is a reusable and customizable ‘piece’ of the overall UI. For example, a table, navigation bar, and button group could all be considered their own components. The idea is that these pieces can be written and configured to be used anywhere in the app they are needed, which greatly minimizes redundant code while developing.

I’ve been tasked with creating the component library that will eventually be used for all AIRLIFT apps. On Tuesday this week, Quasar v. 0.15.1 was released, and with vast improvements. Although the latest version included a new project directory structure, migrating the components I’d already created on Quasar 0.14.9 took little time, and the new changes have been welcome.

Once the library is complete and we’ve integrated the components into AIRLIFT, app development will be more streamlined and easily maintained. Be on the lookout for improvements in the UI and overall functionality.

Your Data Is Safe With Box

This past January, cloudPWR, who acts as the local resource for WA state master contract (04913) for Box cloud storage, began a monthly newsletter. The topic outlined how Washington State makes it easy for government agencies to acquire inexpensive and secure cloud storage. If you missed it you can check it out here. Read More

Death of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Birth of Content Services (CSP)

Big changes happening in content markets today. Due to increased expectations of users, changes in IT and the need for organizations to rethink their digital strategy, Gartner has launched new Magic Quadrants (MQs) for Content Services Platforms (CSP) and Content Collaboration Platforms (CCP). These MQs have updated the definition of previous Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) markets respectively, and are tightly connected in the content needs of businesses focused on digital transformation. Read More

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